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Products  Below you will find some of our products in different configurations

Table Nailingmachine

IMX Systems table machine is designed to nail big products and stack them. Custom made for advanced products where many nails and different types of nails are required. It is possible to nail stringer pallets ,block pallets and special pallets with boards. up to 40 nailposition and 48 nails

Stacking from chain conveyor

This Stacking system is custom made for feeding of two robots with pallets, a customized improvement according to the customer's needs to increase production.

Roller-conveyor and chain-conveyor will be added on site.


Produkt size 4000x1450 180-190kg 

vacuum 4 pall.PNG

IMX Systems two axle robots equipped with four vacuum grippers, which makes it possible to stack between one and four products at the same time, vacuum grippers are used to shorten the set times and when the products are type of decks or box sides. Lift capacity 150kg

Deck Nailingmachine

IMX Systems Deck Machine is developed for high capacity and short set times, the . With a deck machine from IMX System you get a reliable production. A quick stacker with chain conveyor is connected to the deck machine.

product size is at a maximum of 1600x1600

12 nails

Stacking with two axis robot

IMX Systems two axle robots can be equipped with different types of grippers, most commonly being pneumatic grippers and vacuum grippers. Both types are designed to handle large and heavy products.


Produkt size 1600x4040


IMX Systems two axle robots equipped with four mechanical grippers, which makes it possible to stack two smaller pallets in different sizes at the same time. Lift capacity 150-200kg

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