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IMX System is a company founded in 2017, our focus is developing machines for the pallet industry.

Our employees work in a variety of areas related to machine building, with many years experience in the industry and good knowledge, we can ensure that our customers are satisfied.

Our Vision.


We are fully committed to service existing IM machines and our products with high quality and good knowledge. The decision for this initiative was taken in 2016 after we received many requests for adaptations of machines for customers. Thanks to the long experience available with us in pallet manufacturing and IM machines so we can give you good advice on upgrades and additions to your existing machine park.

Company Profile.


IMX System started in 2017 .  We construct and build customized machines according to customer requirements, prototypes, made to order for other hardware vendor that later was part of their amount produced machine program. We have a good and close cooperation since many years with other company who have good and solid experience in the field.


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